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Today I'll be visiting my dad, to whom Auger & Augment was dedicated. He's always there now, "out under the wide sky with the frost and the sagebrush". I don't shy from the emotional underpinnings of BoTB being autobiographical; Yes, I was that snivelly teen, and yes, my relationship with my dad was both turbulent and foundational. Now that I'm a father myself, with a son who struggles every day to be brave, to stand strong, to be open, I understand more and more why things were the way they were, both for Dad and for me. 

Yes, I'm turning into my dad, as we all must, but just like I strive to be the best parts of myself, I also strive to be the best parts of him: deeply thoughtful, intensely dedicated, and unyielding in facing my own failings. It gives me hope that my son will one day see me in the same light, and that something of me will live on in him.

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