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Oookay, I'ma break this whole thing down for y'all. Did I promise Book 2 last year? I sure did. This is what's been happening in the meantime.

First off, a little explanation of my family sitch. About 5 years ago my husband and I adopted our three lovelies through foster care. They're all sibbled up, so we got an instant family. In fact, if you watch the recent movie Instant Family, it's basically a documentary of our lives, down to the family makeup, ages, and issues. I am Rose Byrne in this situation, since John has the Mark Wahlberg arms and I am gorgeous.

So, about two years ago it became clear that, as our youngest started first grade, the kids needed some extra support at home. There was just too much running around for us to do a good job at both work and parenting. We intended for John to be the stay-at-home type, but about a month before that was supposed to be official, he applied for, interviewed for, and accepted a new job, all purely by accident. That made me the SAHD, but I wasn't sad. I'd been working on A&A for a while by then and it was a great chance to give writing full-time a go.

Fast forward to last summer, when I'd just started to hit my stride with S&S. Well, right as summer began we learned that our kids' location had been compromised (they're basically secret agents), and so we decided it would be safest to relocate. The process of moving took the entire summer, and we barely got it done in time for the kids to start school again.

Blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that my kids take a lot of work. Not only is that the standard setting for kids, but their past life history has moved their difficulty settings up considerably. Don't get me wrong—I love them so much, and they're great kids, but they're also the worst.


I've decided to re-release Book 1 with a real editor this time. I wanted to make sure no one was turned off by its flaws, because I really like Book 2. The editing and such for Book 1 is done now, and I just have to format and upload.

Book 2 is back from the editor, and it just needs polishing. It's currently in the hands of beta readers.

Since I can't always be editing (or I would be sad), I started the Prologue to Book 3 on Friday. It's shaping up to be my best yet, thanks to everything I've learned from A&A and S&S. It's tentative title is Wouldn't You Like to Know.

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm working hard, whenever I can. I want to put the most bestest books possible out there, and I've got a lot to learn in pursuit of that.



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